Chapter 3

Chapter 3 really stresses the importance of Ethics and Professionalism in this field. Ethics refers to a person’s value system and how he/she determines right or wrong. The three basic value orientations are:

  1. absolutist
  2. existentialist
  3. situationalist

The absolutist believes in black and white; every situation is either right or wrong, regardless of the consequences.

The exitentialist decides on the basis of immediate practical choice. They have the “Never Say Never” mentality.

The situationalist believes that each decision is based on what would cause the least harm or the most good. John Stuart Mill believed that the end could justify the means as long as the result benefitted the greatest number of people.

On the professionalism front there is a considerable debate as to whether or not PR is a craft, a skill, or a developing profession. While it’s not viewed in the same manner as medicine or law, I feel as if it is just as respectable a field to enter.

How do you feel?

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