Domino’s PR Crisis

Soooooo, has anyone seen the youtube clip of the Domino’s employees? This was real unfortunate because I had just had a pizza from Domino’s the day before this clip was shown in class. Now, it’s my understanding that my Professor used to work for Domino’s (sorry Doc) so of course she took up for the company, but my biggest concern was the length of time it took for Domino’s to address the situation. I don’t think this would have been such a big deal if the pizza corp. responded quickly, but the length of time it took for them to rectify the situation was almost alarming.

For those of you who missed the situation, two employees @ a Domino’s filmed themselves spitting on food, placing food in their noses, and then shipping the food out to customers just for fun! It was quite disgusting. If you would care to see this video, it can be found on youtube. Look it up and be disgusted lol.

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