My Top 10 Tips on Job Search

Hello all,

it’s been a while since my last post but, believe me when I tell you, things have been crazy on this end. Either way that’s neither here nor there. On this past week we were given an assignment in my PR class that instructed us to evaluate and then post our top ten tips while on a job search. Fortunately for me, I am a musician and haven’t really has to “search” for a job but, I’m sure that day is coming so this is what I’d do:

  • Be specific in your search. Start looking with an idea in mind. If you go into the field blind, you’ll end up with a dead-end job. Please know what you want to do and then get as close to that as possible.
  • Take a resume writing tutorial or do some research on the proper formatting. The 1st thing an employer gathers about your work ethic is gathered from your resume so make it a good one.
  • Relax…not everything is for everybody. Do not be weary in well-doing for in due season you will reap a harvest if you faint not ( Galatians 6:9)
  • Eye-contact is the key! When you speak during your interview, make sure you maintain eye contact because it speaks volumes about your level of confidence.
  • If at all possible, get involved now (college students) and get some internships. This may be more beneficial than you think. These internships may turn into potential full-time employment opportunities.
  • Dress for success.
  • E-NUN-CI-ATE. You can’t get a job if you can’t be understood.
  • While dressing for success, MAKE SURE you’re not wearing crazy colors. We know you want to exhibit your personality, but the interview is not the time.
  • Don’t put on too much cologne/perfume. I have asthma and I’d hate to not hire you because you gave me an asthma attack.
  • Lastly, remain positive. Although something may not pan out immediately, it will pan out eventually. Don’t lose the faith!

’til next time, Be Blessed but more importantly, Be a Blessing

John Q.

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