Interview of a PR professional


For this assignment we were given the task of interviewing a PR professional and finding out what it is they did on a daily basis as far as the field goes. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a professional by the name of Ricardo who happens to do marketing for the majority of the Gospel artist now famous in the industry. Among other things, I asked him how he got involved in this arena. He told me, sometimes it’s not always what you know but who you know.  He started by doing promotions part-time (passing out fliers) and the more he built relationships with the then up and coming artists, the better his job opportunities became. When I asked him what he thought the most important part of his job was, he said to know your audience. You’ve got to know who you are marketing to so that you can be effective in what you do. You’ve got to pay attention to the minute details, and you’ve got to be willing to stand behind your product. What I took from my interview with Ricardo was that if I took the time to adequately prepare myself, I would do fine. The people who make mistakes in this business are the ones who got careless.

I told him about the concert that I am planning at my school’s Performing Arts Center and the questions he asked me were so detailed that I felt like I wasn’t doing my job. He asked me where the event was to be located, who was my target audience, what ideas did I have by way of promotions for the event, how was I going to pay for the event and gain sponsorships, how many people would the PAC seat, Are there any other events going on at the same time that would draw people away from the event. Is it on campus ar do students have to drive, will there be food…the list goes on and on. This just illustrated to me the type of mindset that is necessary to ensure that the message you want to get to specific publics, whatever they may be, is more than just a relayed proposal. It is a well formulated plan that takes into consideration every factor. 

If anything, this interview just made me all the more eager to work in this field. I appreciate Ricardo taking time to talk to me via telephone and I know that there is still more for me to learn.

’til next time be Blessed but more importantly, Be a Blessing

John Q.

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