Another 48 hrs of Twitter

So as the tittle states, we had yet another 48 hrs of Twittter! I actually liked it a bit better this time. More of my friends and people that I’m actually interested in following are on Twitter this time around so, it made these two days a bit more interesting. It really does seem like the world (student body) all found out about Twitter in the months immediately after we were first assigned our initial “Twitter” assignment. 

I began my 48 hrs of Twitter by posting a status about the Worship Experience, an event that I planned on GSU’s campus. The event was a huge success in part due to the promotion that it was given via twitter status updates. It turns out, a lot of students, on and around this campus are following me!! Who would’ve thought?

On another note, learning how to phrase your questions is really the key to getting good response on twitter. We’ve got some very knowledgeable classmates that have had some type of experience in the PR arena and when people know that you’re serious about growing and developing a career in PR, they are more than happy to answer your questions. For example, I asked a question wondering if anyone knew of any internships going on in the Atlanta area. I got direct messages asking what type of internships that I was interested in, I got a few websites that pointed students looking for internships to the internships. and I actually contacted someone from Edelman just to talk about the future of PR. All of this was very helpful and I definitely see the benefits of Twitter. It’s like taking a good idea (facebook) and enhancing it. I’ve grown!

’til next time, Be Blessed but more importantly, Be a Blessing.

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